Imagine The Future With Swastik Minchem
Introduction Towards Success

We are proud to celebrate the glorious 15 years of success together with our reputed clientele.

For us, every customer is a lifelong investment and adherence to a stringent quality control procedure is our way of ensuring total and uncompromising customer satisfaction.

It is the perfect time to explore the world of minerals and stones with the eyes of Swastik Minchem.

Swastik Minchem was established in the year 2001, has ushered onto the pathway of splendiferous growth. In a short span of time since its inception, Swastik Minchem with its commitment has earned itself the respect and title to be well known in the Mineral and natural stone industry as a responsible and reputable organization with international business standards and excellent quality control.

Swastik Minchem is like an umbrella export house which caters together number of minerals under it. We work with you to develop the best solution from our extensive multi mineral portfolio, extracted and processed at different locations across India.

Swastik Minchem, a company catering to the Global Market for Indian Natural Stones and minerals is engaged in manufacturing, importing, exporting, and trading.

Our aim is to be a preferred industrial mineral supplier to all manufacturers of Pigments paints & Coatings, plastics, Cosmetics, adhesives and ceramic glazes, Electrical Insulating, Glass, Rubber, Refractory, Foundry, and paper in the GLOBAL WORLD. We strive to be an ethically, environmentally conscious, value for money supplier and a BE committed an Indian company.